Liquid Gold of the Chocolate Variety!!

Oh my goodness… Can anyone else hear the dawn chorus? Or is it just me….
So, everyone hold onto their seats because i have ground breaking news… i just found what could possibly be the yummiest liquidy goodness ever!!
Home-made hot chocolate syrup :O
I know, i know…I shall explain…

So. As some of you know, I finished studying last June and have been idly sitting around contemplating life ever since…. (oh wait… and job hunting of course) and have spent rather a lot of time looking at waste-free lifestyles and the likes!… For me personally, the idea of consuming more and more things every day that the world can never re-use, things that get dug into the ground and left there forever destroys my sense of peace in the world!… For example, i read a thing yesterday saying that every toothbrush ever made is either in, or headed for a hole in the ground where it will stay FOREVER!!!!….. I know… So needless to say it just doesn’t fit well with me.

So today, on yet another day when i was at home (actually researching a book I’m writing… long story, will tell you all about it one day)… when i was reading up on reducing waste and people who don’t buy anything that has packaging! Brilliant idea me thinks. Aside from the fact that i have a LOT of kids who may or may not need to move into a cave to attempt living rubbish free. There were a lot of useful points and things I’d like to start doing in my life but wait…There it was! The most beautiful recipe ever….

BEHOLD!…  *Enters suspenseful music here…..twiddle diddle deeeeeeeeee falala*

Instead of buying hot chocolate powder full of fillers and starches and the likes, you make your own syrup that will can sit in the fridge for weeks that you either add to hot water for hot chocolate ( or hot milk of course), or as i just did, add it to cold milk for a milkshake! Its divine. I’m not sure I’m even exaggerating when i say  i’m still trembling in my boots from excitement *side-note.. i am a rather over-exciteable person so this happens all too often 😉 *….but there’s more… you could it pour over your ice cream or pudding!… what more do i need to say other than that…
Unless all my blathering has made you want the recipe in which case… there is more to say and here it is….

Add…. 1/4 cup cocoa and 1/2 cup water to a pan and whisk vigorously. Add 3/4 cup of sugar (yes yes i know… it has lots of sugar, which i generally  struggle with but when ISNT hot chocolate a sugary treat anyway so read on my peeps…). Bring to the boil for 3 minutes stirring constantly.

Once its done, take off the heat and add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla essence (I personally LOVE vanilla, so didn’t scrimp at all on this note) and voila!.. Done… Nectar of the Gods…

Hmm.. i had best show you some pictures…. although if i added it to more milk now simply to take a picture for you guys I’d have to drink that too and i just had a whole glass just before and there are no kids around to carry the burden for me… so…. * imagine the milkshake for me will ya? * 🙂 )…..

*runs off to take some pictures*

Go on… give it a try and let me know what you think? I just told my kids they’re getting chocolate milkshakes with ice cream on top on the weekend when they’re cousins are over and they’re home from their dads and now they’re busting to get home *evil laugh*….

Eeek… final note.. excuse the pictures of my bench.. I’ve been stewing plums and making banana muffins and all sorts and there’s a chance I’m better at the making stuff part than i am cleaning up as i go 😉 … meh… it’ll wait!



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