How lucky are we!!…

berries-peas-and-mandarinsDont get me wrong, i already knew the absolute delights of owning a vege garden but over the last few days the magnitude of it has really come to light for me.

As i sit here writing this im still covered in those shiny beads of sweat that comes from digging over a garden in 22 degree heat. I wasnt doing much, planting a few strawberry popcorn seeds that i was sent this week  and replacing one or two capiscums that hadnt quite survived their transplant, but still this weather is starting to get pretty warm. I’d taken a pot out to collect our garden peas as so of course, (as is essential) i tested a few to make sure they werent poisonous… you can rest easy that they were 😉 Then as i was so hot i ate a couple of mandarins off the tree. Then, as i already had the bowl, i figured i’d go and collect the strawberries from the berry patch to save time later and ended up finding not only strawberries but redcurrants, blueberries and the most amazing tasting raspberries i’ve ever tasted in my life too! Can i just say, having never really grown raspberries before, that they were the warmest and sweetest raspberries ever, so fresh you could practically taste the sap still seeping through its veins.

I mean what a life right!? How lucky are we to have few enough worries that we have time to grow our own fruit and vege. Also lucky enough that vege gardening is a choice for us and not a necessity. We have the luxury of being able to enjoy spending time in our garden, pottering around and watching life spring up all around us, without worrying whether we’ll have enough food to feed us, whether the crops will last the year through or whether we and our children are likely to starve!  Its just so easy to forget how lucky we are, but today was a vivid reminder.
I was reading an article yesterday on self improvement ( a topic i strive to actively work on regularly) and it asked the strangest question. “What is it in life that makes you forget to eat and poop!”… haha! Quite the interesting notion… am i right? 😛
Now have a think about that for a second. What is it in life that gets you so excited, or so distracted that you forget the essentials of life? For me, i’d have to say vege gardening is definately one of those things!  I mean ok, forgetting to poop would be rather awkward for us  adults but time and time again i spend so many hours in the garden that i’ll totally forget that its lunchtime or often that its nearing dinner time as well. That is until the kids casually come and ask me if they’re going to be getting any dinner lol. Thank goodness they’re mostly old enough to cook dinner for themselves 😉

Have a ponder to yourself tho… what is it that makes you forget to eat and poop? .. and get back, to me… i’d love to know!

***On a side note, while reviewing this blog I have been asked by my step daughter (6) to add a comment to my post saying that we are very worried that there is a hole in our berry patch fence and that a very naughty wren is getting in to eat our strawberries.  I’ve been told on very good authority that its essential you all know and that it is a desperate and dire situation. I’m sure you are all as concerned as we are.. but dont worry, Helen is on the case 😉




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